102. How Many Lunar Craters are Named After Jesuits?

At least thirty-five (35). From the 1600's up to the present, Jesuits can be found in the sciences and their various applications. Not least among this field is astronomy where at least 35 Jesuits have made significant contribution to the understanding of the physical universe and the advancement of scientific knowledge. From Mario Bettini (1582) of Italy until Paul McNally (1955) of the U.S., Jesuits have shown that faith and science need not necessarily clash but can enhance one another in our continued search for who we are and what is our mission here on earth.

Here is the list of the Jesuits whose names are forever enshrined on the surface of the moon.

NASM name latitude longitude diameter

Bettinus 63.4s 315.2e 71.4 km
Billy 13.8s 309.9e 45.7 km
Blancanus 63.6s 338.5e 105.3 km
Boscovich 9.8n 11.1e 46.0 km
Cabaeus 84.9s 324.5e 98.4 km
Clavius 58.4s 345.6e 225.0 km
Cysatus 66.2s 353.9e 48.8 km
De Vico 19.7s 299.8e 20.3 km
Fenyi 44.9s 254.9e 39.0 km
Furnerius 36.3s 60.4e 125.2 km
Grimaldi 5.2s 291.4e 410.0 km
Gruemberger 66.9s 350.0e 93.6 km
Hagen 48.3s 135.1e 55.5 km
Hell 32.4s 352.2e 33.3 km
Kircher 67.1s 314.7e 72.5 km
Kugler 53.8s 103.7e 65.8 km
Malapert 84.9s 12.9e 69.0 km
Mayer 63.2n 17.3e 38.0 km
McNally 22.6n 232.8e 47.5 km
Moretus 70.6s 354.5e 114.4 km
Petavius 25.3s 60.4e 176.6 km
Riccioli 3.0s 285.7e 145.5 km
Riccius 36.9s 26.5e 70.6 km
Rodes* 23.0n 283.0e
Romana* 21.0s 33.0e 33.6 km
Scheiner 60.5s 332.2e 110.4 km
Schomberger 76.7s 24.9e 85.0 km
Secchi 2.4n 43.5e 22.7 km
Simpelius 73.0s 15.2e 70.4 km
Sirsalis 12.5s 299.6e 42.0 km
Stein 7.2n 179.0e 33.7 km
Tacquet 16.6n 19.2e 6.6 km
Tannerus 56.4s 22.0e 28.6 km
Zucchius 61.4s 309.7e 64.2 km
Zupus 17.2s 307.7e 38.0 km

* Not found in (NASM) catalog but is in the1960 Wilkins Moon Map

The map and charts are taken from page 74 of Jesuit Geometers by Joseph MacDonnell, S.J. of Fairfield University. This book concerns the impact the 56 most prominent pre-Suppression Jesuit geometers had on the development of mathematics and science. It is published jointly by the Publications of the Vatican Observatory and The Institute of Jesuit Sources .

For a complete bio of each Jesuit, visit this highly informative site:

Recently, a Filipino astronomer, Fr. Victor Badillo, was honored by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) by having an asteroid named after him.


Blogger Renzy said...

Hi. And great blog! I like to read these stuff.

I was just wondering about that Jesuit who has something to do with Darwin's theory of evolution: What happened to him and his ideas?

3:51 AM  
Blogger Noel Y. Bava said...

ok. we will research on teilhard de chardin. keep posted

12:21 AM  
Blogger Amadeo said...

I was going to say what happened to Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, until I read the comments section.

Was referred to your site and other Jesuits by the Mute Prophet who comes from the same old hometown in Northern Mindanao.

If one happens to be at Xavier University in CDO, prominently etched on its Science Bldg is the named of the above and other Jesuit scientists.

If I may ask, anybody else in the group from Cagayan de Oro?

Fr. Leo (Pabayo) is both close friend and a relative.

11:47 AM  

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